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Our office’s area of expertise includes:

Long Beach Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

Trusted Medi-Cal Planning, Estate Planning, Living Trusts, Probate Administration, Trust Administration

The Law Office of Michael Gaston is located in Long Beach, California providing legal services to clients in Los Angeles County, and Orange County in the following estate planning areas, Living Trusts, WillsMedi-Cal Planning, Probate Administration, and Trust Administration.

We represent a diverse range of clients, new parents, retirees, multiple age groups, and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Our office assists clients in planning and implementing estate plans, eliminating court entanglement as well as protecting and preserving assets.  We assist clients with planning living trusts, wills, powers of attorneys, advanced health care directives, probate administration and trust administration.  


We feel fortunate to have helped clients with long term medical issues qualify for Medi-Cal services without needing to sell their homes and dissipate their assets.  The probate process is a complex and time-consuming process.  We can help you navigate this process and avoid pitfalls.

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Attorney Gaston has successfully set up numerous estates. Attorney Gaston is passionate about estate planning. He is driven to attain extraordinary results for clients.


He always works tirelessly to achieve what is best for his clients.  He represents his clients in efficient and efficient manner. 

Please contact my office if you’re interested in determining how we assist you to establish an effective estate plan, preserve assets, and protect your loved ones. Call to schedule your free 15 min case evaluation.

What our clients are saying...

Michael Gaston is a great attorney. He helped me set up my estate to avoid probate. He is so knowledgeable.

When my dad passed I didn’t even know where to start. Michael helped me administer my dads trust and ensure all of my moms assets were protected in her trust. He prepared all the paper work and walked us through what had to be done for each. He did not leave any detail unattended to and thanks to him my family can rest easy knowing that everything is secure.

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