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Long Beach Trust Administration Attorney

Trust administration deals with the trustee’s management of trust property established by the terms of the trust document and for the benefit of the beneficiaries following the death of the trustor(s).  It is imperative that an administrator is selected who possess skills to manage trust assets, identify and understand client’s goals, as well as minimizing potential disputes.

Experienced Trust Administration Attorney

Long Beach Trust Administration Attorney
Trust Administration:

The process for trust administration can be complicated.  There are many legal and financial details that must be handled, as well as state and federal laws that must be considered. And they do matter, both now and for future generations.

Effective Trust Administration starts with a well-planned Estate Plan that selects an administrator who possess’ the necessary skills to identify and understand the client’s personal values and goals as well as minimizing the possibility of family disputes, preservation of wealth maintenance of the family legacy.

With a trust you can save money and avoid probate fees, and you maintain more control over your affairs.

Regardless of the type of trust administration you need:

 1. Administration Upon Disability

 2. Administration Upon Death

We help set up your estate plan to avoid encountering unnecessary problems during administration of your trust.

Trust administration fees are more reasonable at 2%-3% than Probate fees that are 3% -5%! 

long beach trust administration

If you have a loved one in need of trust administration, our office can discuss the process with you and help you determine which course of action to pursue.


We will work with you to put together an effective partnership of all the necessary parties: attorney, financial advisor, CPA.


Call for a FREE Case Evaluation!


Please contact our office if you’re interested in determining how we assist you to establish an effective estate plan, preserve assets, and protect your loved ones.

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