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Long Beach Estate Planning Attorney Helps With California Advanced Healthcare Directives

We Help With Advanced Health Care Directives

Advanced Health Care Directives
Advanced Health Care Directives

“Advance directives” are an important part of health care. An advance directive helps loved ones, and medical personnel make important decisions during a crisis. Having an advance directive in place ensures that your wishes regarding your healthcare are carried out, even when you're unable to make your wishes known.


In California, the part of an advance directive you can use to appoint an agent to make healthcare decisions is called a Power of Attorney for Healthcare. The part where you can express what you want done is called an Individual Health Care Instruction.


At Michael Gaston Law Firm, we have decades of experience helping clients manage their advanced healthcare directives.


We want to help you protect your wishes so that family and medical personnel can make the decisions you want made with your life.


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