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Reviewing the Laws

Downey Estate Planning Attorney

The Law Office of Michael Gaston is located in Downey California estate planning attorney providing legal services to clients in the following estate planning areas, Living Trusts, Medi-Cal Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration.

Our Downey estate planning law firm works with people of all ages and life stages, from new parents to retirees, to formulate a plan that fits their needs. 

More About Law Firm’s Services:
long beach medi-cal planning
Downey Medi-Cal Planning:

There is a damaging misconception concerning Medi-Cal Planning that you must impoverish your family before qualifying for long-term-care coverage.  This is simply not correct.  Medi-Cal guidelines allows families to keep their homes, certain assets and a portion of their income.

It is important to choose a lawyer possessing the knowledge to protect your assets while qualifying you for Medi-Cal.    

Downey Estate Planning

Estate planning involves preparation of a plan that serves to manage an individual’s assets in the event of their incapacitation or death.  This process includes the bequest of assets to beneficiaries and settlement of estate taxes.
Downey Probate Administration

Probate is a process occurring when someone dies with asset(s) in their name that need to transfer to their beneficiary.  There are some assets that do not require probate, such as assets held in trust or with a beneficiary designation.  This process is often time consuming, expensive and complicated and subject to court supervision.  We will work with you to avoid unnecessary time delays and expenses.

Downey Trust Administration

Trust administration deals with the trustee’s management of trust property established by the terms of the trust document and for the benefit of the beneficiaries following the death of the trustor(s).  It is imperative that an administrator is selected who possess skills to manage trust assets, identify and understand client’s goals, as well as minimizing potential disputes.   We help set up your estate plan to avoid encountering unnecessary problems during administration of your trust.

Long beach power of attorney
Downey Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that gives someone else the right to act for you.  People often use powers of attorney to let someone else handle their medical or financial affairs. In some cases, people use a power of attorney to let others help with their minor children. You can always change or take back a power of attorney as long as you are competent.

Downey Special Needs Trusts

We can help you understand your options and how individual special needs trusts work so you can make an informed decision on this crucial matter. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorney proudly serves beneficiaries, their representatives, and their families.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair
Cat With Blue Eyes
Downey Pet Planning

Pet planning can help you plan for the future of your pet.

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